How To Ruin Your Life

Here is an instant guide on how to ruin your life.

Step 01 Arise Late: Make sure you wake up late and when you wake up don’t make your bed, don’t shower, wear whatever you wore yesterday. start your day with no self-esteem, feeling as begrimed as possible.

Step 02 Make sure your Room is a complete crash: Keep your room full of the trash so that you can never find anything purposeful when you need it You wanna make sure that it’s extremely painful to accomplish anything. The trash will also help subconsciously strengthen the belief that you’re a chaotic person whose life is out of order.

Step 03 Procrastinate: Whenever you get the thought of doing something productive just ignore the feeling.

Step 04 Argue: Waste your mental energy arguing with trashy people about complete scrap

Step 05 Focus on things you can’t control: As often as possible, get pissed off at the traffic, the government, the pandemic. You really wanna strengthen the opinion that the system is messed up and there’s zero you can do about it.

Step 06 Care: Care about other people’s opinions and let their mini thinking horizon dictate who you’re and where you should be.

I can assure you that if you follow the above directions you don’t have to do anything else and you’ll be miserable till you die.